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2014 - What A Start To The Year

3rd March 2014 - We started the new year with a full order book and got stuck in to the work after the Xmas break. All was going well until the middle of January when I was involved in a road traffic accident...I stopped at a light controlled crossing and the dimwit, behind me, didn't stop. Myself and Ozzy, the dog, were a bit sore but are fine X-Trail was written off. I can't believe the time that has been wasted having to deal with Insurance Companies, DVLA, Solicitors and having to see about purchasing a new car...and this is all after a no-fault accident! Meanwhile, airbrushing work backed up and I am now trying to clear my feet. Ricky and Lynne are flat out on the Paintwork side, with a 32 Model B hotrod and a truck in for a full refurbishment.


2013 - So Far

7th July 2013 - It's been almost a year since I updated this page! We have been very busy throughout this time with all kinds of jobs coming in from all over the UK. My Painter, Graeme, has moved on and has been replaced by a new Painter, Ricky, who seems to be coping with all the weird and wonderful jobs I give him. We also, recently, put on a display of work at a vintage vehicle show in Stonehaven, near Aberdeen, with a fine day showing off the bikes, trikes and Dodge pickup in their best light.


Truckfest Scotland

19th August 2012 - Truckfest visited Ingliston, near Edinburgh, on the first weekend of August with trucks on show from all over the Country. There were a fair number of vehicles that had been in our paintshop, with quite a few of the prize winners sporting our paintwork. The latest job, in for airbrushing, is a truck from Lincolnshire...the third truck we have painted for this customer.


A Mention in 'Trucking' magazine

3rd June 2012 - Ian Roberts fleet, from Carnoustie, has a great write-up in 'Trucking' magazine - July 2012 edition. This is one of our main customers with an eye-catching fleet of trucks airbrushed with various celebrities. A few of our trucks were on show at the Peterborough Truck Show, with a lot of interest in the paintwork and one or two prizes, too! The Paintshop and Airbrushing is still very busy, with quite a mix of motorcycles old and new, helmets and trucks.


Countdown To Peterborough Truckfest

24th March 2012 - Although we have been steady with trucks getting repairs, refurbishments and airbrushing, we have just taken in the first truck, booked in, that is going to the Peterborough Truckfest in early May. It is a Scania T-cab that is getting a little crusty round the edges and needs freshened up. Just finished a big project on a small van for The Puppet Gang...3 weeks solid airbrushing...and still busy with motorcycles and helmets, too!


2011 - A Busy Year

25th December 2011 - This has been our busiest year, yet, with a majority of the work being carried out on trucks and motorcycles, some of which went on to pick up trophies at various shows throughout the Country. We are, already, booking in work for the start of 2012 and I am hoping to be able to put on displays at a few shows around the Country.


Arbroath Seafront Spectacular 2011

27th July 2011 - This was our second year at this Show in the towns Victoria Park. The variety of vehicles ranged from motorcycles to trucks with a dry, sunny day showing the paintwork off at its best! Many thanks to my customers who brought their vehicles for display!


2011 So Far...25 Years Of Colouring-In

13th March 2011 - We started the year with quite a bit of work in and the amount of work has increased including motorcycles and trucks...even a truck from down south. Also painted and muralled a Harley Crossbones for a customer in Portobello which went on to win Best Paint at the Edinburgh Motorcycle Show! After last years success at the Arbroath Seafront Spectacular we intend to put on another display of our work at this years show...especially as it will be my 25th anniversary of the business!


Arbroath Seafront Spectacular

1st August 2010 - We put on a display of a selection of our work at the Seafront Spectacular at Arbroaths Victoria Park. The Show included a large selection of varied vehicles, entertainment and flying displays. Our stand boasted 10 different customers vehicles including motorcycles, trikes and restored vehicles.


Into 2010

17th January 2010 - And another year begins with the Workshop full of jobs...2 Major bodywork jobs on a VW Camper and a Singer Gazelle. The airbrushing jobs are flowing in with motorbikes and Stock Cars making up the majority of the work. I am also painting a new business vehicle for advertising the Company and also as a towing barge for my new car transporter.


New Corgi Model Truck

Corgi have a truck model in their 'Hauliers Of Renown' collection. The model is 1:50 scale of a DAF XF with Curtainside trailer in the paint scheme of David Murray Transport Ltd from Carnoustie, Scotland. Bob has painted Daves trucks for many years, until recently, when vinyl took over from paint.


Model Truck

In 2004, Corgi Classics released a new model in their Heavy Haulage range. It is a 1:50 scale model of a Scania T Topline with a King trailer and load in the livery of Sandy Kydd, Forfar, whose full size trucks are painted by Bob. The rendering of the custom paintwork is quite good, right down to the mural on the back of the cab. With only 2600 being distributed worldwide, this model is a real collectors item.

picture of model truck



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